Throughout my life, I held this very deep belief that I was never good enough. This belief has held me back from a lot of things I would have liked to do or achieve. For example, I never played any team sports in fear of being not good enough. I didn’t want to let down my fellow team members, so I just wouldn’t play. To this day, I still don’t take part in any team sports. Sadly because this belief still holds me back.

Over the past few years, I’ve become a firm believer in affirmations. By using affirmations, I put a positive message out to the universe and trust that what I ask, I shall receive. One affirmation that I started to use was “I am good enough”.

The affirmation itself required some truth behind it for it to work. So I had to start thinking of reasons WHY I WAS good enough. The 10 reasons that I came up with are pretty relatable, so I figured, why not share….

  1. Being good enough at something entails practicing it. So get practicing and you’ll be sure to get good, probably even awesome!
  2. You are stronger than you think you are. If you really want to do something, then do it.
  3. You are smarter than you think you are. If you really want to try something, then try it.
  4. Failures are lessons. The more you fail, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you become. Failing lots = becoming good enough (or even awesome!)
  5. No one really knows what they are doing in the beginning, start now and you’ll be great!
  6. Growth comes from trying (and failing – see point #4).
  7. Confidence comes from experience. So get out there and start now!
  8. Passion comes from your gut instinct. If it feels right then go for it!
  9. If you weren’t good enough, you wouldn’t have gotten this far already.
  10. Because everyone else is telling you that you are good enough ~ so start BELIEVING it!

Anytime I doubt myself, I say my affirmation and think of all the reasons I am good enough. This boosts my confidence and creates positive results. For example, I do a good job of something at work, I get better grades in my courses, I achieve something that I thought I couldn’t do.

So start BELIEVING in yourself!