So who is this random Scottish girl?

Like most girls growing up in Scotland, I had many big dreams. Through adolescence and going into post-secondary school I never felt very confident and as a woman, I was deemed a “second-class citizen”. To this day I still battle with the belief that I am not good enough for the things I set out to do.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that I am not the only one that feels that way. One of the things that has really helped me has been talking to people from all different backgrounds and seeing that I am not the only one that struggles with not being enough and not feeling as though I have a set plan that I need to go out and achieve. As an example, for me, when I moved to Canada, I started teaching yoga, then I stopped. I studied to become a holistic nutritionist and didn’t like it. I got a great job in government and hated it. And most recently, I started my own Virtual Assistant business, hired staff, got financing, had a bunch of clients but hated it and closed it.

Why does this matter?

I started having conversations with people to see if I was the only one feeling like this or going through something like this and quickly came to realize that there is a large group of people that were also feeling the way that I was. The idea of the podcast came from me thinking “hey, I should just record conversations like this”. This podcast is just a way for me to showcase just some of the things that people go through and hopefully reduce the feeling of isolation. The reality is, it’s very rare to have it all figured out, especially as a young person in this world. We all have battles to fight and challenges to overcome.

What you can expect from this podcast

We are going to talk about a lot of deep shit. The topics are wide-ranging and generally about things that people do not feel comfortable talking about on a day-to-day basis but also things that deeply impact their lives. So if you want to talk about Taylor Swift or cute puppies, then this may not be the place for you but if you want open, candid and hard conversations I would recommend you tune in.