What makes someone successful? Did they get lucky? Know the right people? Work harder than everyone else?

 Success comes in many forms, and is certainly not achieved through a one-size-fits-all formula. Attaining it often involves hardships, challenges, overcoming fears and achieving goals. We often hear success stories of people excelling in their field, but we don’t always pay full attention to the most important aspect of success: the journey.

DebTalksTV – the honest conversation delves deep into the lives of exceptional women from all walks of life. Host Debbie Roche interviews her guests about what success means to them; uncovers the raw, open-hearted version of how they got to where they are; and discusses the core personal values that carried them throughout their journey.

The stories of each of these women will compel you to ask: What does success mean to me? What are my core values, and how can they help me in my own journey to success?

If you are ready to awaken your potential and feel empowered, watch DebTalksTV – the honest conversation.