Even when you have no idea what you are doing…

When I was young I dreamt of becoming many things, a dancer, an artist, an author, a detective, a photographer, a fashion designer, a yoga teacher, and the list goes on. But I never thought I’d be a leader. I always knew that I wanted to be BIG and create a something, but the thought of ‘leadership’ and what that meant never crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until I began Toastmasters, that the word ‘leadership’ started to creep into my world. I’d get feedback on a speech that would say “you’ll be a great leader” or “you’re a natural leader”. “Kind words, but what the fuck does that mean“? I’d think to myself. “Lead what exactly“?

Leadership is such a broad term, but I didn’t realize that. To me, leaders were politicians, activists and others with a high status in life. I’m just a regular person who doesn’t fit into those categories.

What I’ve learned in just the past year, is that anyone can be a leader. Leaders are people who are passionate, visionary and expressive and feel the need to change something in the world so they act upon it and then walk their talk! Leaders don’t have to be good at everything, they just need to find good people to help them achieve their vision.

What’s my vision? A world where women support other women without judgement. Knowing the stories of why women made certain choices in life, breaks down the barriers of judgement and opens up a world of support and understanding. That’s the premise behind DebTalksTV, and the fact that I’m acting on my vision, makes me a leader.

You can be a leader too.