Back in 2014 I reached out to Patty K for an interview. I had been involved in a 99-day marketing challenge run by Patty and her partner Joe. It was an amazing learning experience. Patty had this unique skill of making a horrifying subject like marketing sound so easy, fun and simple. Patty and Joe were a hoot to work with too which helped make the whole subject even more enjoyable.

Patty K - Love in Business

Patty K, Marketing Consultant at

I knew that Patty would be a joy to interview and boy was I right! Here first interview had me in stitches. Particularly when she was describing her wild sailing trip! Check out Patty’s hilarious interview here.

In the above interview, Patty talks of “eating her own dog food” and the insight she gained by working through the program that she created! Enjoy!

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Check out Patty’s latest book – The YOU Shaped Business: Authentic Marketing for Self-Employed Professionals.