Heidi Eaves is the Principal at Project House Business Solutions. She is a senior Human Resources professional with 20 years of experience in the software development and biotech industries. She was a Senior Development Director at Electronic Arts Canada, where she worked for ten years, and she has considerable experience in Human Resources, product development, and project delivery. She is also highly experienced and adept at building and maintaining high-performing teams.

Heidi recognizes that organizations are complex and require a careful balance of productivity, skills, and performance. She is excited by people and their potential, and she is an energetic and positive partner. Heidi is skilled at fostering rewarding and productive environments and creating opportunities for employees to develop their skills and increase motivation and productivity. She understands first-hand the needs and concerns of start-ups and smaller organizations, and she is skilled at bringing programs and process to larger companies.

Heidi is passionate about her city and about lending a hand to those who need her. She is a singer/songwriter, she loves writing and good grammar, and her two sons have taught her more than she ever thought possible about Nerf guns and zombies.

Check out www.projecthouse.ca to see what Heidi is up to.