…the place where honest conversations happen.

Well that’s my intention at least.

DebTalksTV stemmed from an idea I had a while ago while trying to be a successful high earning yoga teacher. The ‘successful high earning yoga teacher’ thing didn’t quite happen and I started to wonder how entrepreneurs manage to do what they do. How do they become successful? Over time, I realized that I wasn’t actually quite sure what success meant. I’d always tried to live up to Societies definition of success – getting rich, but this didn’t seem to be working and something didn’t feel right.

In May 2014, I was a participant in The Minerva Foundation’s Learning to Lead BC program. I was surrounded by 50 amazing women from all over BC, ranging from 19 years old upwards. We talked about values, leadership, success, trials and tribulations, community and connection. This was one of the most pivotal turning points in my life. It’s what brought DebTalksTV into fruition. After learning what my core values were, I was clearer about what I needed to do to be successful. Not successful as in rich but successful the way I define it. Success to me, is living in alignment with your true values. My values are Authenticity, Freedom and Community.

However what I realized is that success comes in many forms, and is certainly not achieved through a one-size-fits-all formula. Attaining it often involves hardships, challenges, overcoming fears and achieving goals. We often hear success stories of people excelling in their field, but we don’t always pay full attention to the most important aspect of success: the journey.

I created DebTalksTV – the honest conversation to delve deeper into the lives of exceptional women from all walks of life. I want to know what success means to them; uncover the raw, open-hearted version of how they got to where they are; and discuss the core personal values that carry them throughout their journey. And most of all, I want to share these stories with you.

The stories of each of these women will compel you to ask: what does success mean to me? What are my core values, and how can they help me in my own journey toward success?

If, like me, you are ready to awaken your potential and feel empowered, then please tune into DebTalksTV, where honest conversations happen.