Jill PrescottJill Prescott is a Spiritual Pragmatist who holds the door open to Warrior Love. Women from all walks of life find Jill when they are ready to leave the suffering from the traumas in their past behind and divine a future filled with limitless possibility and abundance. Jill is a gifted intuitive, energy worker, hypnotherapist and wild woman. Her clients and friends lovingly call her a Soul Sherpa, Psychic, Healer and Wisdom Diviner, which she answers to and more. Jill’s path in this life has taken her from trauma to truth. She’s filled her medicine bag through walking the fires of abuse, miscarriages, broken marriages and financial devastation to understanding that everything has a gift within it and a lesson to be learned. Jill firmly believes that all you need is already within you. She’s will hold the light while you look into the dark and walk beside you as you step into your light, opening to the truth of who you are. She may well be the Change Catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

Check out Jill’s recently released book No More Fucking Secrets: A Conversation For Freedom where she shares past traumatic events and talks about the power of releasing our secrets! It’s powerful stuff!!

You can find more about her at jillprescott.ca or via the following social media handles:

Twitter: @tangentpath

Facebook: @jillprescott

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JillPrescott