“I am the oldest of four sisters, and one of my early nicknames was “Bossy Jocey.” I had always been assertive, confident and, well – bossy – but I also had a tendency to shame and judge myself for imperfection, failure, and what I perceived as my unlovable body. The persona of the leader and overachiever allowed me to hide many of my insecurities”.

“About three years ago, a switch went off for me, and since then I’ve been working to take better care of myself and others. I have learned how to achieve in ways that are meaningful to me rather than to the outside world. I have learned self-acceptance and the power and beauty of my body through mindfulness meditation and exploring what my body is capable of accomplishing. I have become more courageous, learning how to swim in pool and ocean, joining Toastmasters to become a public speaker, and now, diving into comedy improv classes. And I have become a better partner to my husband as I’ve developed greater empathy and dropped the words “you should” from my vocabulary”.

“Professionally, my mission is to facilitate transformational learning experiences for adult learners and for learning organizations. I currently work as the Teaching and Learning Librarian at Capilano University, and I am also an Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator. I love my jobs! Until recently, I was the librarian at BGC Engineering, an amazing company that allowed me full freedom to struggle, to build, and to grow”. ~ Jocelyn Hallman