Monika is a Personal & Business Coach at Clear Directions Coaching, Vancouver BC, and a Values Blueprintâ„¢ Certified Partner. In individual and group sessions, workshops and mini retreats, Monika supports other business owners and their teams in shaping a future rooted in their values and needs. A published author, accomplished presenter and communication specialist, she offers her services in English and German.

Before starting her coaching practice Monika worked as an employee, e.g. in horticulture and tourism, in her home-country Germany, in Italy and Canada. Those corporate experiences fueled her desire to support others in creating meaningful, enjoyable and values-based work and life experiences.

Monika sees her business as a way to create a world where life and work mean joy, satisfaction and significance, where we all have an income that supports our desired lifestyle, and where peaceful and fulfilled people are the norm.

In her personal time Monika enjoys being active outdoors, music, gardening, personal development and socializing with her friends. Learn more at