One of Sandra Garcia’s first learned skills was writing, a love for which she has carried through to present day. As a child, she cared equally about world issues, and her passions led to her finish a degree in English Literature and Film Studies, publish numerous poetry and film reviews, and start a career in Public Relations. After nearly two years, she knew that the corporate world wasn’t for her, and started her freelance PR business in 2008. Later that year, she started a journey to living an eco lifestyle and becoming nearly vegan after watching a life-changing documentary called Earthlings.

In 2009 she was awarded Volunteer of the Year by Women In Film & Television Vancouver for her work on the 4th annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival and 9th annual Spotlight Awards Gala. In 2010 she was selected to be in the 3rd edition of the Vancouver CRAVE Guide.

In 2011, a serendipitous series of events re-awakened her consciousness of her place in the world and the passions she had as a child. An idea she had two years prior returned: a business that reflected her values rather than one that reflected a successful image. She then decided that 2012 was the right time to launch the Conscious PR brand and use her storytelling skills to join and forward the already growing conscious movement.

She is one humble human on a mission to help companies and events tell their stories through traditional and social media. This service is what she considers her dream job.