Tiffany has traveled to over 35 countries, and lived in four of them.  Career-wise, Tiffany started off wanting to be a stage actor, and completed her Bachelor of Creative Industries in Theatre Studies (graduating with Distinction).  Eventually the high time demands for both training for climbing and rehearsals for theatre productions became unsustainable and she had to choose between her passions. She chose to follow the path where the majority of her friends were – climbing.

Tiffany has been working in management ever since, starting off managing a climbing gym, and then diversifying into the event, business, medical and not-for-profit sectors.  Tiffany also did a volunteer stint as the Director of External Relations for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival in 2011.  You can see Tiffany’s recent talk at the FEAT Canada festival at: Tiffany Melius @ FEAT Canada, March 2014  Tiffany advises: “if you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission”.