My definition of success is when I’m living my life aligned with my top core values.

Sounds good eh? I pretty much only figured this out a couple of months ago.

Before this, success was having a job that made you lots of money and gave you lots of power. That sounds good too, but what I realized was that it was societies definition of success, not mine. Not to say that I don’t want lots of money, of course that would be nice. But to me that’s not the end goal. I want to feel powerful, for sure. But not in a way where I can boss people around and get my way. No. I want to feel empowered. Power to me is where I believe in myself. By believing in myself I can then empower others to believe in themselves. I want to live a life where I can be myself, have a sense of freedom and be surrounded by a community that supports my growth as I support theirs.

Success for everyone is different. DebTalksTV is about learning how others see success. Realizing that we can be ourselves. Understanding that there is room for us all in this world. And knowing that we still have that human connection that keep us together.

Authenticity, freedom and community.

What’s your definition of success?